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Daily is how often abused, neglected and injured animals come into the Guilford County Animal Shelter in need of medical care. It’s a sad fact, but a very real one. These animals need your help!

Susie’s Fund has been set up to raise money for these animals to receive the needed medical attention and treatment. Special treatments for just one animal can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars, and without your support these animals would not get a second chance at living a normal life!

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Susie's Story

Susie’s Story

The true story of a hurt puppy who found a happy home.

Susie’s Story is an illustrated children’s book that tells the true story of Susie – a poor young puppy who was abused by her master and left alone in a secluded park. She was rescued, nursed back to health and found her loving forever home.

Written by Lauren Hill & Illustrated by Gene Collister
The book was written to raise awareness about animal cruelty and neglect & that all proceeds from the book go to Susie’s Fund at The Guilford County Animal Shelter.

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