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Daily is how often abused, neglected and injured animals come into the Guilford County Animal Shelter in need of medical care. It’s a sad fact, but a very real one. These animals need your help!

Susie’s Fund has been set up to raise money for these animals to receive the needed medical attention and treatment. Special treatments for just one animal can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars, and without your support these animals would not get a second chance at living a normal life!

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Toby’s Story

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When you “Like” the Susie’s Fund Facebook Page you will get updates on animals in treatment & recovering thanks to your support & donations. We love to keep Susie’s Fund supporters updated on exactly what your efforts do, save the lives of animals in need.

Toby’s Story
Follow the story of “Toby” a Lhasa Apso who has a long road to recovery. He’s currently recovering from multiple surgeries at NC State’s School of Veterinary Medicine, follow his story on the Susie’s Fund Facebook Page.